“Success begins with opportunity… opportunity begins with education.”



The early education field has long recognized the importance of political advocacy.  But less effort has been put into electing early education advocates.  Early education is not merely another special interest, it is critical to California’s future.  To successfully compete with other special interests we must roll up our sleeves and get involved in Pre‐Election Action.

That means educating candidates and voters alike on early education issues.  It means knocking on doors and calling voters in support of pro early education candidates.  And it means donating money to and endorsing candidates who will stand up for children in the rough and tumble politics of Sacramento.

Money for such political action cannot come from foundations – it must come from you.  We need your help to mobilize the field and better leverage our influence in Sacramento.

Californians for the Support of Early Education is focused on Pre‐Election Action. Our efforts create support for the work of post-election advocates in advancing an early education agenda.