CSEE Board and Alumni


Current Board:


  • Gary J. Kinley, Chair
G.J. Kinley & Associates



  • Anne Broussard, Secretary
Child Care Advocate



  • Martin Castro, Treasurer
Mexican American Opportunity


  • Kevin Carnes, Special Advisor to Board of Directors
Lakeshore Learning Materials



  •  David Koenig
David Koenig & Associates




    • Chuck Weis
    • Melinda Felice
    • Scott Moore
    • Paul Miller
    • Chrisanne L. Gayle
    • Wendy Wayne
    • Kathleen Murphy (CSEE PAC)
    • Ed Condon, Immediate Past Chair
  • Duane Dennis, Chair of Board Recruitment and Orientation


  • Graham Dobson, Chair of Voter Registration & Education
Child Advocate


  • John Harris, Co-Chair of the PAC – Strategic Council



  • Peter Huffaker, Co-Chair of the PAC- Child Care Results