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Join Us In Celebrating National Voter Registration Day!

Here is great opportunity to let our voices be heard for justice. On September 22 we will be participating in National Voter Registration Day. Join us to make sure your community is not left out!

Together with our social justice partners, we will be supporting activities throughout the county starting on September 16. We hope to provide various opportunities for our communities to get involved.

Here are some ways:

Today in California, eligible voters can register in less than two minutes online. So if you have moved since you last voted or if you will be turning 18 by November 8th, 2016then you need to register to vote!

Register to vote now:

We believe that a healthy democracy is a democracy where all communities participate fully, and we want to make sure that everyone who wants to vote gets to do so. So join us in this celebration by sharing the registration link with 10 of your friends, registering to vote, volunteering to helping others register to vote or hosting registration drive. You can make a difference — Act NOW !!