Wendy Wayne 2012 General Election Voter Education and Registration Grant Preliminary Report

In June of 2012, CSEE awarded five grants to community-based organizations and coalitions to fund voter education, registration and engagement activities.  Activities were to begin after the primary elections and conclude at or before the November 6 General Election with reports due on November 30.  Grants ranged from $500 to $2,000 with a matching contribution requirement.

As of this writing, grant reports have been turned in by three of the five grantees.  Reporting of exact numbers impacted was much better this year than in the previous election grant cycle, but still has some room for improvement.  CSEE’s logo was included on almost all of the documentation and sign in sheets used and distributed at these events.  While CSEE’s visibility did not increased to the point of community-wide recognition, all of the volunteers working on these grant activities certainly are aware of CSEE now.  Our message is clearly reaching parents, providers and community members that early care and education is an important political issue and parents need to be actively engaged in the political process.

Overall, the three agencies whose reports have been reviewed so far have outreached to over 2000 parents, providers and community members.  This outreach has occurred at over 20 events ranging from tabling at health fairs, phone banking, door knocking, and hosting candidate forums for over 100 members of the community.

Two hundred forty-seven (247) people were registered to vote as a direct result of the above events and actions.  Over 500 voter registration forms were distributed (including the 247 collected).  Two hundred sixty (260) people participated in a CSEE-funded event, plus 171 volunteers actively engaged in hosting and coordinating one or more of these events. (One hundred seventy-one (171) is not an unduplicated number of volunteers.)  While CSEE never thought to ask about encouraging the next generation in civic engagement, two of the three reporting agencies indicated that a total (not unduplicated) 75 children were present at planning meetings, events, and outreach activities.

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